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Security Factors when considering a Board Portal Software

Security Factors when considering a Board Portal Software


ecurity related breaches are on the rise, even more so since the introduction of smart devices. The factors contributing to  it are wide, from  disgruntled employees to uninformed employees to plain and simple data breaches. A board portal software stores all of your confidential information, so does this mean that you need to stay away from Board Portals? Absolutely Not. Infact paper based documents in my opinion are even less secure and a missing paper or a paper that goes through the unwanted eyes are never reported, since there is no real way of tracking that. But that’s a debate for another day. There are practical reasons for using a board portal that you can read in this article – Top 7 reasons for using a Board Portal. Apart from this there is the moral responsibility of all citizens of earth to reduce paper and save trees. Did you know that 1 tree makes 8333 pages?

With the practical and moral reasons established, lets take a look at the security factors when considering a Board Portal Software:


  1. Complex Passwords: Often this is overlooked, but enforcing complex passwords ensures that your board portal software is out of the realm of password guesses. It does create a slight inconvenience, but we are dealing with an organisation’s confidential information. The security is definitely more important.
  2. End to End Encryption: Ensure to use End to End Encryption – that means when your data is being transferred from the server to the mobile/table devices make sure its encrypted. This is achievable fairly easily using SSL. Make sure to avoid weak SSL Ciphers.
  3. Encrypted Storage: Since we are talking about encryption, the documents and your data is stored somewhere on a Server. The server could be accessed by many people, if the documents are unencrypted it could be seen by the people who have access to the servers. Make sure to encrypt them wherever they are stored.
  4. Authorised Device access: Choose a Board Portal Software, for e.x. Alpha Meeting that allows you to authorise a particular device, that means even if someone were to install the app on an unauthorised device and try to login with the right credentials, your Board Portal software would prevent that. This gives you the extra-bit of comfort. If a device is lost, revoking its access is really simple.
  5. Jail-Break Detection: The Board Portal app should detect jail-break devices and make sure the application does not run on jail broken device. To understand in simple terms, lets take the case of Apple’s iOS. Apple has introduced certain restrictions on the iOS, these restrictions help us greatly in terms of security, jail breaking removes these restrictions and along with it you loose a great deal of security. Therefore make sure your Board Portal is detecting and restricting jail broken devices.
  6. Remote Wipe: The Board Portal Software should offer you the feature to remote wipe your application data from the board member’s iPad incase there is theft or loss of device.
  7. Two-Factor Authentication: If you want more security, go for two-factor authentication based on user password and an additional one-time password.
  8. Comprehensive Access Rights: Every item whether its a meeting, agenda, document, resolution or anything else must have access rights. This helps you to ensure an item is only visible to the user who has access to it.
  9. Audit Trail: Audit Trail logs all important events in your Board Portal Software along with information on who created/modified/deleted what, from where. It’s really helpful to track the history of your data within your Board Portal Software.
  10. Educate User: Educate your user’s in matters of security and make sure to set device passcode as mandatory if you are using a MDM. If you don’t have a MDM solution, inform your users of the benefits of setting a passcode on their iPad devices. Setting a passcode on a device enables data protection for that device.
  11. Enterprise Distribution: If you are using an On-Premise Installation of Board Portal Software, I would recommend you to not put your Board Portal app on the App Store. Instead go for Private Enterprise distribution. When your app is not for the public, whats it doing on a Public App store? It astonishes me to see some Board Portal Vendors putting their On Premise apps on the App Store.


Alpha Meeting Board Portal Software lets you achieve all the above and much more.

If you would like to make a switch to a paperless board portal software then get in touch with us at to know more.


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