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Top 7 Reasons to use a Board Portal

Switch to a board portal to have the piece of mind you deserve

Top 7 Reasons to use a Board Portal


he past few years have seen a tremendous growth in Post-PC devices like iPad and other tablets. According to Gartner, More than 1 Billion Smart devices were sold alone in 2014. In this new era of game changing technologies it is time to move on from the traditional paper based board meetings to use an Online Board Portal that supports devices like iPad. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should immediately plan a switch to an online board portal.


  1. Save Costs: Traditional paper based meeting required the use of paper based board packs, it is extremely time consuming to produce these board packs and have them shipped. What’s more that it is also prone to error, we could all miss a paper here and there, and having that one piece of paper shipped could be just cumbersome. For many organisations across the globe their board members could simply be travelling and its even more difficult to deliver these papers to them right where they are. With the use of a modern board portal such as Alpha Meeting that supports mobile and tablet devices you could save all that paper printing and shipping costs. Board administrators could just upload the board pack on the portal from where it is instantly within matter of few seconds delivered on the mobile/tablet devices of the board members. All this while you are sitting comfortably at your desk. Some of our customers have saved 80% of their total costs and in some cases our customers were printing more than 1 million pages a year for their weekly committee meetings.
  2. Secure Distribution of Information: It is never easy to maintain security when you are printing papers and having them shipped. With a Board Portal you can be at peace of mind that your documents could be delivered securely to your board members, using Alpha Meeting you can also set access rights on the level of meetings, agendas or even documents thereby ensuring the documents are only visible to the authorised eyes.
  3. Incorporate better process: With a standard process in place right from the creation of meeting materials to the delivery of it to your board members, you can be rest assured that documents are being delivered to your board members. A board portal will also provide you with the ability of last minute updates and should trigger alerts and notifications on your board member devices to highlight any new updates.
  4. Promote Collaboration: A board portal will promote effective collaboration between your board members as well as between your board members and management. For e.x. Alpha Meeting allows your board members to communicate with each other using our app in many different ways using Instant Messaging, Public/Private Comments document wise and sharing of annotations. All of this enables your board to be quite effective.
  5. Mobility: Perhaps this should have been the first point – but mobility is really a key factor, In today’s world where people are constantly on the move and depend on their smart devices for majority of their work, a Board Portal supporting mobile and table devices really enables your board members to work effectively whether they are on a flight, train or at a coffee shop.
  6. Do More with Resolutions & Decisions Tracking: A board portal like Alpha Meeting supports Resolutions and Voting that lets your users vote from anywhere in the world. Whats more that every meeting has decisions and sometimes these are assigned to certain people. Alpha Meeting allows your board members to directly search for decisions and get a real time status update on how far has the decision progressed.
  7. Search for Past Meetings: Imagine you are holding a paper based meeting and you have to refer to an old document from a meeting held many months or years ago, how difficult it will be to arrange for them. With a Board Portal past historical meeting, agendas, documents, resolutions the decisions taken are always at the fingertips of your board members.


Do you want to switch to a Board Portal that lets you do all the above?

If you would like to make a switch to a paperless board portal then get in touch with us at to know more.


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